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Explosion in Turkish Coal Mine: Subterranean Industrial Emergency

On Tuesday May 13, 2014, word spread of a devastating transformer explosion and fire in a coal mine in western Turkey, trapping more than 700 people, with at least 166 deaths confirmed.  Rescuers have evacuated 88 miners, and 80 of them are severely injured. Because the explosion, which is believed to have been triggered by an electrical fault, occurred during shift change, Turkish authorities currently are uncertain of exactly how many miners were inside at the time of the event. Current reports estimate nearly 790 miners may have been in the mine at the time of the explosion.  The Turkish government and mining officials were quick to respond. Energy minister Taner Yildiz, who is overseeing the rescue operation, told reporters that four rescue teams are currently working at the mine. Only with time will we know the full extent of the devastation this industrial public health emergency has caused.

Turkey map

The mine is located in the western town of Soma.

Response crews mobilize outside the mine.

Response crews mobilize outside the mine.

Crowds gather outside Soma's local hospital

Crowds gather outside Soma’s local hospital awaiting news of loved ones trapped inside.

 (Images from bbc.co.uk)

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